• Property Size
• Legal Description
• Civic Address
• Easements

• Right of Ways
• Topographical Elevations
• Location & Description of the Existing Trees on the Property
• Location & Size of the Existing Structures on the Property

Your Wish List
While you wait for the survey to be complete, you are free to take the time to create your wish list. This list should include:

• Short Description of Your Future Home
• Number & Description of Bedrooms & Bathrooms
• Number &, Info on Kitchen Size & Style

• Description of Living, Dining, & Family Room 
• Picture of Ideal Home Exterior
• Magazine Photos That Present Your Interior Design Preferences

Remaining Steps
After contacting a surveyor and filling out your wish list, there are several other steps that must be undertaken. Homeowners are responsible for the following:

• Take Plans to the Structural Engineer to Prepare Designs & Schedules
  (Plans Will Not Include Permits If Plans Are Not Submitted)
• Find a Professional Designer to Prepare Building Permit Plans 

• Apply for a Building Permit - This Can Be Done by the Contractor Who Is
  Building Your Home

Throughout the years, we have been recognized for our renovations and remodel projects by the City of New Westminster. Among our honors are the Royal City Builder's Award for the following homes:
• 2000: Single Family Unit - 501 St. George Street (Heritage Exterior Renovation Category)
• 2005: Commercial Building - 460 Columbia Street (Commercial Renovation Category)

Contact us in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, to request our remodeling services for residences of any size.